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      Learn Marketing from Neil and Eric Get Started
      Episode #1288
      5 Ways to Combat “Content Decay” and Protect Your SEO Investment
      February 09, 2020

      In episode #1288, we share five top ways to keep your content fresh and relevant, thereby protecting your SEO investment. Upgrading or adding a few paragraphs to your content is a simple way to boost the traffic to a post. Tune in to hear how you can leverage your best-performing pages to help those that are decaying.?


      • [00:25] Today’s topic: Five Ways to Combat Content Decay and Protect Your SEO Investment.?
      • [00:34] An explanation of what content decay entails.
      • [01:18] Upgrade or add to your content to keep it fresh and relevant.
      • [01:28] Sometimes simply adding a paragraph or two can boost your traffic.
      • [01:41] When you might want to consider deleting your decaying content.
      • [02:24] Consolidate by creating a power page that links up all your posts.
      • [03:13] Use Google Search Console to check which pages dropped the most.
      • [03:45] Link poor performing pages to ones that are still going strong.?
      • [04:05] Utilize the awesome, free content decay feature inside of Clickflow.?
      • [05:08] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information.

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