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      Learn Marketing from Neil and Eric Get Started
      Episode #1355
      How to Rank Your Content on a New Website for Less Than $1,000
      April 17, 2020

      In episode #1355, we talk about how to rank your content on a new website for less than one thousand dollars! When starting out with a new site, it can be tricky to get higher up in search engine rankings at first, but with these few strategies and simple tools, you can get there in no time. Tune in to hear about renewing old content, converting existing content and using ego bait!


      • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Rank Your Content on A New Website for Less than $1K.
      • [00:41] Google’s ranking system and which signals to boost for them.
      • [01:17] Utilizing Google Search Console and making it easier for search engines.
      • [02:07] Finding articles to convert into infographics for more links.
      • [02:48] Content Explorer on Ahrefs; searches for traffic-heavy keywords.
      • [04:04] Renewing decayed content and boosting dropping traffic.
      • [04:41] Using ego bait to reach out to powerful people in a particular space.
      • [05:29] That’s it!
      • [05:31] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information.

      Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

      Yoast SEO

      All in One SEO

      Rank Math


      Google Search Console






      Exploding Topics

      Content Decay


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