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      Learn Marketing from Neil and Eric Get Started
      Episode #1002
      How We Make Millions, When We Suck at so Many Things!
      April 29, 2019

      In episode #1002, we discuss how you can make millions, even if you suck at a lot of things. Tune in to hear what we struggle with and how we work around our shortcomings.

      We have committed to throwing a FREE Marketing School Live Event in Los Angeles. Check out the details on this website if you would like to attend. Remember: we are capping the event at 500 people, so sign up now, if you’re interested! DM Eric if you would like to participate in the VIP dinner.


      • [00:27] Today’s Topic: How We Make Millions, When We Suck at so Many Things!
      • [00:50] When we say “millions” we are referring to revenue, not profit.
      • [01:17] Eric isn’t the best at executing things.
      • [01:35] Neil is a terrible manager.
      • [01:45] Eric spends too much time learning and not implementing.
      • [01:55] However, when his team makes mistakes, he’s good at finding a solution.
      • [03:15] The way to work with Neil is by showing results.
      • [03:55] We can’t unlearn our life-long habits.
      • [04:32] Neil is good at driving traffic and collecting leads.
      • [04:50] However, most people are probably better at making money.
      • [05:10] It’s important to hire people who are better than you at most tasks.
      • [06:45] Eric is a jack-of-all-trades and can adapt easily.
      • [07:05] He recently brought in someone who has experience running ad agencies to fill in the gaps in his knowledge.
      • [08:16] Focus on your strengths and hire people who fill in the gaps!
      • [08:59] That’s it for today!
      • [09:06] Don’t forget to check out Single Grain for more info about our live event in June.

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