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      Learn Marketing from Neil and Eric Get Started
      Episode #1035
      What Marketers Can Learn From Live Stream Shopping in China
      June 01, 2019

      In episode #1035, we discuss what you can learn from Chinese live stream shoppers. Tune in to hear what you can learn from this new trend.

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      • [00:27] Today’s Topic: What Marketers Can Learn From Live Stream Shopping in China
      • [00:45] Eric recently read a piece in the Wall Street Journal about this.
      • [01:00] Live stream shopping is following an influencer while they are shopping in real time.
      • [01:15] China does 220 of these types of live streams per month.
      • [01:30] Certain shop collect a commission.
      • [01:55] Neil thinks you will start to see this in the US within the next two years.
      • [02:05] He thinks this will also include future virtual stores.
      • [02:55] Figure out if this is something you can take advantage of somehow.
      • [03:30] The combination of offline and online worlds will continue.
      • [03:45] That’s it for today!
      • [03:55] We are almost at capacity for our live event, so register while you still can: Check out Single Grain for more info.

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